Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahil


Born in Ireland and now residing in Seattle, Martin Hayes plays in the slow, lyrical style of his native East County Clare. He grew up playing traditional music with his father, P.J. Hayes, leader of the famed Tulla Ceili Band. The younger fiddler has a great reverence for the old players, whose music contains the longing and essence that moves you at the level of your soul. Martin brings that same depth to his own playing, rendering it unique with passion and intimacy.

Dennis Cahill is a master guitarist, versed as well in classical, blues and rock as he is in traditional music. A native of Chicago born to parents from County Kerry, Ireland, he studied at the city’s prestigious Music College before becoming an active member of the local music scene. Cahill’s innovative accompaniment is acknowledged as being a major breakthrough for guitar in the Irish tradition.

Martin met Dennis in Chicago when he first moved to the States in the 1980s. The formed a jazz/rock/fusion band called Midnight Court, in which they experimented with a variety of new music styles. Eventually, though, they both turned back to their traditional roots, and after recording two acclaimed solo albums, Hayes began a new musical relationship with Cahill. The news of their riveting, galvanizing performances spread like wildfire on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1997 they released The Lonesome Touch (Green Linnet), a recording that has helped take Irish music beyond the world music realm by exposing its inner meaning in an accessible way to listeners of classical, jazz and modern music.

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